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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

     Everyone knows that Atheists are basically second-class citizens. We can't run for political office with any hope of winning, we can't even spend money without seeing “In God we trust”. We are trusted the least out of any faith-oriented group in America, even less than the group associated with the gang that decided to run two jetliners into the Twin Towers and kill 3000 people. I can't even take a shit at work without running into a chick tract in the stall at least once a week.

     So what about military members? Sure we get discounts at Hot Topic, Qdoba's, IHOP, and Denny's. Free college? Sure, if you're not too busy working twelve hour shifts or training, because you have a six month deployment rotation. Free or cheap stuff is all fine and dandy but what about getting a two week notice for a deployment to the sand box, when you have a family? Or not being allowed to go to protests, or it being illegal for us to say something negative about the President, not to the press, just publicly? Are we not allowed to have opinions of our own? Gay and in the military? Better not tell a soul or your ass is fired. But but but, you can be gay all you want, you just can't have gay sex either, at least according to the UCMJ.

     I hear people say we're just as bad as the administration that put us in Iraq, because of those Marines at Haditha, or the couple of Army guys that raped that girl in Baghdad. Those are terrible things indeed, but just like Christians say not all of them are like the pieces of shit at Westboro Baptist Church most military members are amazing people with good hearts, who signed up because we wanted to make the world a better place, or at least our nation a safer one.

Alright, so Atheists are second-class, military members might be second-class, what's your point Charred? Well, what about Atheist military members? Once we get that deployment notice we know we're in for a trip. We're over there avoiding insurgent sniper fire and IEDs outside the wire, then we get back to the base to have chaplains pound scripture into our heads while we stand at attention able to do nothing because they are part of the office corp. And when we have the chance to defend ourselves from the proselytizing and discrimination our supposed battle-brothers threaten to frag us for it.

     Even with all of this clearly going on in America today, I still love my country more than any other. I know this nation has so much potential, if we can just get past petty feuds and realize it. We may be a little far off right now, but I will be here to do my part to drag this country kicking and screaming into the modern world of tolerance and freedom..


Forrest said...

What are your thoughts on the Chaplain's Corps in general? I could cite horror stories about specific Chaplains, but doesn't the employment of uniformed religious officiaries directly violate the establishment clause?

What aggravates me is that we have very little in the way of support services deployed as far forward as I am. When my uncle died, the only person my Platoon Sergeant could suggest for me to talk to was the Chaplain. I'd rather we had someone who could bring something useful to the table, like a mental health counselor.

tina FCD said...

I was reading about that awhile back. In my opinion it does.
It seems like the military would have mental health counselors anyway.

Charred Atheist said...

I agree, Chaplains should not be on government payroll. It's fine if someone wants to be a certain religion, but the government shouldn't pay your preacher for it.

Larro FCD said...

Yes, and we don't see fanatical atheists blowing themselves up in the name of their ideology.

BTW, I've read a wonderful dissection of a Jack Chicks work. Very refreshing. There's a whole slew here: Enter the Jabberwock

Msgt Billy Ret. said...

We have had discussions about the chaplaincy, from time to time, at's "Religion in the Military" forum. I've held that there should be none on the payroll. Other atheists have argued that they are necessary... as in a necessary evil, I guess. Still others have argued that their mission should be changed to include atheists. I, however, contend that preachers can be embedded at the expense of their church, or whatever, but that no atheist should have to be taxed to support their chicken-shit position. People become chaplains and chaplain's assistants to get out of the line of fire and out of real work, AFAICS.

Thanks for carrying on, CA.

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